St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church is an Orthodox parish serving Irvine, Lake Forest, and all of southern Orange County. We are family-friendly and offer a primarily English Sunday service. Come and see!

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All Saints Day Celebration – October 31st

October 24, 2019 - fiby Abdelmalik


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The faithful, as soon as they wake and are risen, before they betake themselves to their work shall pray to God, and so let them hurry to their work. But if there should be instruction in the word, he shall put this first, to go and hear the word of God for the strengthening of his soul. And they shall be zealous to go too the assembly where the Spirit abounds.

— St. Hippolytus of Rome, Apostolic Tradition 3:31

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Public User: Please pray for me as I made a sin that is jeopardizing me and my family. Pray that God forgives me and has mercy upon me and my family. Pray that God covers me with protection and helps me through this difficult period of my life and has mercy upon me. Pray that God blesses my business and family's financial needs. Amen.
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Public User: Remember O Lord, the students who are in exams and allow them to pass their exams successfully.
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Public User: Please pray for the intercession of St. Marina for my daughter who suffers with kidney decease. Her kidneys are beginning to fail and we are afraid she will need a transplant. We have been praying for a miracle. Thank you Her name is Elaina
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