St Moses was born in the 4th century AD.

He was a Abyssinian (Nubian) slave, idolater, killer, and robber. He began to search for the one eternal God of the Universe, and often asked himself if it was the sun, and it came to pass, a Coptic farmer guided him to go to Scetis where he would find monks to teach him about the living God, and so our saint made his way through the wilderness, and met his spiritual father St. Isidore the Priest. Later, St. Isidore took him to St. Macarius the Great, who preached to him, taught him the faith and baptized him. He accepted St. Moses as a monk and taught him to live in the wilderness.

The Saint soon earned a reputation for being a great hermit, very modest, and full of kindness towards sinners, so he became worthy to be ordained a priest at the hands of Pope Theophilus.

After being advanced in years, barbarians attacked the monastery and St Moses together with 7 other monks gained the crown of martyrdom.