Christian Unity

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Coptic Studies bring forth more that just the knowledge of our Coptic Orthodox inheritance, but illustrates also the struggle our Coptic fathers, brothers and sisters endured on behalf of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s continued effort to bring all mankind to salvation in unity. This study of Coptic theology brings to light the influence Coptic Orthodoxy has […]

Evangelism, not Provocation

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The Lord came to us with “good tidings of great joy which will be to all people”(2) because the news of the salvation of mankind should give us greatest joy in the Lord, love to all, and peace with all to whom He came to save… The Incarnate Christ was ministering to all with great love […]

The Missionary Style of St. Paul

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Much has been written about the journeys of Saint Paul. From a historical study of his travels to the Biblical significance of his writings. There of course have been numerous books, commentaries and homilies on his inspirational words both as they relate to us today as well as how they inspire us when the historical […]