Statement of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church


Statement of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church

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Follow the Egyptian Coptic Church developments unfortunate events on the ground of our country Egypt, and emphasizes that it stands strong with Egyptian police, armed forces and other organizations of the Egyptian people in the face of groups of armed violence and terrorism black at home and abroad, and attacks on state entities, churches, safe, and terrorize the citizens Copts and Muslims and contrary to religions, morality and humanity.

While we appreciate the position of the sincere and friendly that understands the nature of the heuristic, we deplore and strongly fallacies media that are prevalent in Western countries, and invite them to read the facts events objectively, and not to give international cover or politician these terrorist groups and bloody and all those who belong to it, because it is trying to spread devastation and destruction in our dear country.

We call upon the Western media and the global commitment to provide the true picture of what is happening in all honesty right and honestly.

Taking attribute all the victims to be martyrs who have fallen and we wish each healing the wounded, we adhere to the solid national unity, and completely reject any attempts to drag the country into sectarian strife, and we consider all foreign interference in Egypt’s internal affairs is unacceptable.

And that the hand of evil was approaching to burn and kill and destroy, the hand of God closer to guard and strengthen and build. We are confident in the divine aid that Egypt will cross our people in these critical days of our history to a better tomorrow and a bright future of justice, peace and democracy that they deserve the people of the Nile Valley authentic.

Copied from Cairo Downtown Churches