Public User: Please pray for me as I made a sin that is jeopardizing me and my family. Pray that God forgives me and has mercy upon me and my family. Pray that God covers me with protection and helps me through this difficult period of my life and has mercy upon me. Pray that God blesses my business and family's financial needs. Amen.
103 praying. – Pray Now.
Public User: Remember O Lord, the students who are in exams and allow them to pass their exams successfully.
64 praying. – Pray Now.
Public User: Please pray for the intercession of St. Marina for my daughter who suffers with kidney decease. Her kidneys are beginning to fail and we are afraid she will need a transplant. We have been praying for a miracle. Thank you Her name is Elaina
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Petja: My older daughter, 7 years old, is very naughty and often nervous, she wants to be bad, she hate God, she hate love. She does not want to talk with other people. Even she swears other to happen them bad things . She don 't like anyone to touch her ​​things, because she think that so her things are dirty. I want, that she be good child, that love God, to be obedient, to suggest not bad things, to talk with other people.
18 praying. – Pray Now.
crispina: pray for my grandma to recover from kidneys and heart surgery
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Alexandr: I am trying to get my green card for 7 years.Please pray for my success.Thank you.
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Public User: Please keep Mike Mikhaiel in your prayers who is suffering from lung cancer and is in critical condition
18 praying. – Pray Now.
Melissa: new changes in my daily life
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Public User: Pray for God to take away jealousy and anger and restore our relationship with my partner.
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Ashish Kumar: Praise the lord, i am a student i am studying in ukraine and i am from India Ratlam M.P i am suferning from mental sickness from past months,day by day these things are getting weird, i am hearing strange voices, and i feel somebody follows me everytime, my memory is getting bad i cant remember things correctly i believe in Our GOD the Father, the SON and the Holy Spirit, whenever i tried to pray and want to go out for my work some strange things happen with me i cant be feel relax anytime, whenever i tried to pray some strange thing tried to disturb me even i cant pray due to this, this things getting terrible day by day please pray for me and my family and for my studies and for my relationship thank you praise the lord once again
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pratheep kumar: Pray for me to get a good PhD position soon,to finish my current degree successfully on time,to overcome depression & problems i'm facing now,to be successful in my career and to dwell in peace with family.Please pray for Reunion of Monica Elizabeth with Joseph & Jancy Mary with Arokya Antony.Bellarmine Mary,Rita Hilary and Jaba malai to be healed from cancer.Chandramohan & Punitha Rani to be gifted with a heir.Peter,Zachariah,Jayachandran,Arokya Raj & all their families to live in peace without hardship.Thank you. By Pratheep Kumar
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Public User: For Sandra and James
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frmoses: Please pray for our brethren in Egypt who are suffering from the political and sectarian violence.
10 praying. – Pray Now.