Mapping the Future of our Church – August 4, 2013


Mapping the Future of our Church – August 4, 2013

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On Sunday, August 4, 2013, our parish held a general meeting with Fr. Bishoy and Fr. Kyrillos to discuss the roadmap for the future of the church.

The reason for the meeting was the continuing growth, by the Grace of God, in all aspects of the service. While a blessing, the growth has contributed to some real challenges, including the lack of parking and a place for the youth in our present facility.

Fr. Bishoy informed the congregation that the option to expand the church exists, but only if the congregation comes together to release the burden of the mortgage on the existing building, which is approximately $900,000. Paying off the mortgage will enable to the church to work more seriously with banks concerning loans to expand the church in a different location. Those wish to take the blessing of actively paying down the mortgage may write “For the Church Mortgage” on their checks before depositing them with the church.

Also, Fr. Bishoy asked that all members of the congregation consider using ACH Direct Deposit for their regular charitable contributions. Using this system enables banks to see the church’s regular consistent income, which is important in any loan negotiation. Of course, many people donate different amounts to the church month-by-month, so the suggestion was that everyone use ACH Direct Deposit for the minimum donation every month. Every donation on top of that minimum can still be paid via check or cash directly to the church.

Any questions concerning this meeting or the topics discussed should be addressed to Fr. Bishoy.