Join the “But” Family


Join the “But” Family

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Genesis 6:5 God saw the wickedness of Man was great on the earth”. “And the Lord was sorry He made man on Earth.” God was sad and wanted to destroy man. But Noah found grace in the Lord and thus man was saved from total destruction.

But Noah” means a very big exception, despite all the negative ungodly influences in the world, Noah maintained a very strong faith. This strong faith in God kept him working on the ark for many, many years despite the ridicule and scorn of the world around him. In every aspect of our life we must find the grace of God in us, for the world will shower us with doubt, with ridicule, laugh at us and mock our efforts. But only those who have faith find grace from God in them. You are the altar of God, you are the Ark of God, and you are building the Ark continuously.

As with Noah building the Ark, we must build ourselves continuously, for in the Old Testament, the Ark represents God’s will. So when we abide in Him and His will over us, we enter into the Ark and are saved from the ever-dying world around us. Evil will never leave us alone. Trying to create doubt by saying, “Are you the only one that would know of God’s Will?” Or today the world may say, “Why do you fast so much, or pray so hard, have a little fun, relax, enjoy the world and its pleasures – God created it too.” This is the seed of doubt, the world claws at your work, at your efforts, and our will to do God’s will. Noah was against the whole world and stood alone. All perished But Noah.

God would establish His covenant with you in this struggle.

Joshua 24:15 You choose who you want to follow. “But as for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This is a conscience decision to follow God’s will. Do these seeds fall on the hard soil, the concrete or do they take root in the deep and fertile soil of your mind, your heart and your resolve? Not just acts and deeds, but in our hearts and minds should these seeds grow forth.

Samual1 30 David was the king of the army, the one in charge, he gathered all the men to attack the enemy. Yet when they returned to their city, they found it destroyed and all the women and children had been taken captive. All the men wept so hard, they could not weep any more. The people were angry, they wanted to stone King David for they grieved deeply. But David strengthened himself in the Lord. Compare a problem in your life to what David was facing at this time. And David turned to the Lord. He joined the But family. He chose to have faith in God and in return all that had been taken from him had been returned complete.

God, can you help me? I caused this problem, but now I turn to you. Please help me.

David did not distress, did not loose faith or hope and God restored all that was taken. Verse 19 “And nothing of theirs was lacking, neither small or great, neither sons or daughters,” Nothing was lost. Depend on God, not on people, not on money, and not on your own efforts.

Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not partake of the king’s delicacies’” not wanting to partake of the world. Make a decision not to partake of the evil of this world, but to be one with God. Look to the Lord for help, for guidance, for direction. Daniel deals with God in both good and bad, in both trouble and calm. For Daniel knew that it would defile himself. He knows God is watching, and God knows Daniel better than Daniel knows himself. Know that which is right in God’s eyes. Don’t do something bad that you can do good. Daniel did not say he would enjoy the King’s food so he can talk to the king about God. No, he said this is wrong and this action spoke to the king greater than the tongue.

The world will bring us down, will ever draw us away from God, But those who maintain their faith in God, in good times and in bad times, will prevail over the world’s wiles.

Glory Be To God. Amen.