Congratulations for graduates of “FBK 101/ Change” Spring Class


Congratulations for graduates of “FBK 101/ Change” Spring Class

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We congratulate all participants who graduated from the FBK 101 Change (Spring Class).
FBK 101

Our Program 2013
FBK-101 (For Better ©Kommunity)

Attending just one evening a week – for eight week and three hour a night, our instructors will guide you through a rigorous business curriculum with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, team building and collaboration in a global arena of development in addition to leadership.
This program is designed as a answer to a need and response to many challenges expressed by leaders in the church, utilizing the resources and expertise found among our congregation, highly trained to succeed.

• Fr. Bishoy Kamel
• Visiting Instructors;

Why FBK-101/Change?
People Development
Develop Existing Talent
People development is crucial to your Entity’s success. Particularly today, it is imperative to develop existing talent with a focus on Entity objectives and growth opportunities. FBK 101’s/change people development expertise helps you grow and develop your people—your greatest competitive advantage.

Targeted Leadership Development
Professionals and leaders are the core of any organization—and developing them is critical for the future success of your business. FBK 101/change program combines assessment tools with organizational development and people-development expertise to quickly target and develop critical leadership competencies.
People want and need specific objectives, to succeed and feedback of leaders. FBK 101/Change combines one-on-one coaching situations, as part of a programmatic workshop offering to accomplish individual development, planning, and team building within the global process and understanding of development− FBK 101/Change can help.

Candidates/ participants have to
• Attend all sessions
• Sponsored by a organization\church
• Be in responsibility positions to affect change.
• Participate actively in the program.
• Submit application and fees by due date (fcfs)
• Pay fees in full before the program starts.
• Bring in a real case study that they have to work on during course.
o Attendance: Class attendance is necessary. Two unexcused absences will lower your grade by one grade. Your questions in class are appreciated and expected. In fact, your questions will help others learn and enjoy the class more than a mere lecture. Come to class prepared to participate fully in the learning process as we sharpen one another. It is part of my proven theory of education that the best classes are more of a directed dialogue between the instructor, the participants and the material – rather than a simple lecture as we are going to experience.

Our Approach;
Participatory / Partnership
Our team customizes FBK 101/Change program through a highly collaborative process that involves our participants (beneficiaries), their sponsors. We are dedicated to following-up with our participants to ensure that their learning experiences have been meaningful and impactful. This integrated approach consistently drives strong outcomes to ensure effect. I am not a dump truck of information and you are not an empty container waiting to be filled; rather you are the orchestra working together with me, the conductor.
With programs are designed with results in mind, and we are focused on to meet our clients’ business and academic expectations.
Below are a few examples of the results our client partners should acquire:
• Leadership refocused with new strategy and cohesive vision
• Strategic plans skills.
• Teams dynamics
• Communication Skills
Participants leave encouraged to bring in new ideas, present different ways to grow entity and tackle challenges. The result is stronger individuals leading stronger teams and organizations.

Our Graduates (outcome of the program) are:
• Proactive problem solvers
• Leaders who understand how to handle planning, evaluation, sustainability, and global development issues impact.

What you need to bring for the summer program May-June 2013?
• Yourself and expertise one night a week for three hours for eight weeks. (Tuesday from 6:30 -9:30)
• Maximum class sizes (24) and supportive faculty
• Notebook, pen, pencil,
• Fees of $250 with a check payable to St. Marina Coptic orthodox church to cover training materials, handouts, beverages, snacks, …. (reduced for $150 for 2013 Summer program)
• A real case study to work on. You have to develop one during the life of the course.
• Deadline for registration May 14, 2013
• If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to email me at
• It is gonna be fun