Being Judged on our Humanity


Being Judged on our Humanity

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A day will come in which we will stand face to Face with the Living God and be judged on our relationship with others. We will be painfully judged on whether we learned Christ’s greatest commandment that we love one another as He loves us.

This week, when the Church reminds us of the final judgment and how we will be judged for our relationships with others, She is asking each and every one of you, “Have you felt compassion on the hungry? Have you served the homeless? Have you visited the sick? Have you felt heartbroken for those who are in prison and captivity? Have you comforted those who are suffering?” In other words, have you lived a life that continuously expresses compassion, sympathy, and love?

When we look at our relationships with others, the true question is, “Have you been human?” For many of us, this may seem to be a ridiculous question. Of course, every man and woman here is human, you think. But what does it mean to be human? In a scientific sense, to be human may refer to the ability of walking on two feet or having the ability to reason or use tools. This is not God’s definition of being human, however. For God, a human is one who reflects the Image of God in his life through love, sympathy, compassion, and solidarity. A human is one who is a brother and sister to those around him.

Today, let us ask ourselves whether we’ve been human in terms of God’s definition of what it means to be human. This question is very important us, because our Lord made possible to us eternal life with a glorified body through His holy resurrection. As St. Peter explained it, through Christ, we have the ability to be partakers of the Divine nature. But we have to pause and think about this question: how can we expect to be partakers of the Divine nature in eternity if we cannot even be human in this world? To be ready for life in the next world, we must fulfill our calling and mission in this world. The Image of God within us is like a diamond. If it is clear and brilliant within us, we will reflect light in all directions. However, if it is tarnished and ugly because of our sin, how can we reflect anything?

For us to be truly human, we must always be in communion with God. He is the only One Who can speak directly to our hearts and minds about true love and compassion, because He Himself came into the world in all love and compassion to save us. Without Christ, it may be possible to know what it means to be friendly, kind, gentle, etc., but only on a very basic and superficial level. It is only with Christ that we can know what it means to love, to love with all our being, to love with all our being.

Let us judge and correct ourselves before that fateful day arrives.