All members of Saint Marina Coptic Orthodox Church Updates 3/20/2020


All members of Saint Marina Coptic Orthodox Church Updates 3/20/2020

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Update 3/20/2020

Dear beloved of St. Marina
Peace and grace.

We wish you all a blessed Feast of The Cross.
Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and prayers as we all face this tough challenge of the Coronavirus.
Efforts were made to respond to the fast developing information regarding this issue that is impacting all of us.
Due to the most recent and anticipated trends of this virus, all publicly scheduled Divine Liturgies in the Diocese are suspended until further notice.
Please maintain self-sheltering at home except for necessary issues.
You can also follow California instructions and information at

Arabic Bible study

To be able to watch the general services of the church online please use one of the following services:

Facebook live :

YouTube Live :

Roku channel :
From any Roku device search for the channel by the code marinaca

The Saint Marina website :

Please feel free to contact us with any needs or questions.
More information will follow as the issue progresses and evaluated in the coming weeks.

For our Family of St. Marina
Sunday Plan. (Can be everyday plan if you have the privilege of being home together) you can adjusted to your situation.

ONE Liturgy of the Word. On-Line. ONE HEART
All together
8:00 AM
* Wake up early and dress up, like as if you are going to church.
* Join us with your Agpeya and Bible.
* Join all family members around one of the communication tools provided. (Church website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Roko device , your phone )
* Let us pray
* Tasbeha of the morning ????? ????
* Matins, morning Raising of incense ??? ???? ????
* Liturgy of the Word.
* When The gospel is read, please stand up.
* Participate in prayers with a audible voice.
* After we conclude prayers, as a family have a meal together.
* Enjoy your day by
* Reading
* Walking around.
* Have family board games
* Stand up and pray as a family the hours prayers. (Agpeya)
* During Lent, log in again for the evening prayer at 6 PM (use the same communication tools available)

Church Services (will be on line)
Church services ( like Sunday schools, Bible Study, …) are going to be conducted at the same (day & time) as you used to, BUT ON LINE

Check the website of the church and join online meetings according to instructions given on calendar
You can also join WhatsApp groups that are suitable to you or your family members to informed about activities and participate in them.
(Please minimize posting to things pertain to the group in its proper language (English or Arabic) so we do not lose the essential announcements)

Church Data Base
It is time to perfect our Database and church membership to cater to everyone properly.
You will receive an email from the system (showing Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles)
Log in and adjust your information as needed. This is our official way of communication.
I wish and ask leaders to use this tool to keep track of internal communication of church.

God takes care of His church through you.
On this tough unprecedented time, many lost their jobs and some are suspended.
As a result two things happen;
A- donations goes down
B- need increase.
We ask you to increase your donation during this time.
If no increase hopefully no decrease. Maintain your giving for us to maintain our obligations.

Our total obligations are at least $110,000 monthly
Mortgage, Salaries, Needy people, and Utilities.
We cut down a lot to save money but this means less income for others too.


As we counted on your generosity, with God’s Grace, to build the Rock and build you on the Rock, we are sure we can count on you to support the church and other needy families.

Ways of donations.
1-Mail checks to:
St. Marina Church
P. O. Box 51914
Irvine CA 92619
Church address
St. Marina church
5 Wrigley
Irvine CA 92618

2-Online donations
PayPal donation (you can use the donate button in the website

We receive it 100%
Here is the link

3- While shopping on amazon, use to increase your donation to church, use the following link and when you buy from amazon, choose St. Marina to be your charity to donate 0.5% from Amazon.
Every cent counts.


Homeless Service
We still keep our service to the homeless and shelterless.
We still provide food for around 400 people weekly at the courtyard and wise place with different methodology. Please contact:
Ashraf Iskander (the courtyard)
(949) 632-8405
Fadia Gillebaard (the WISE Place)
(949) 463-5219
ONLY providing food

Other type of Donations
There will be BLOOD???? DRIVE when needed we will announce to help us and people in this time fight the pandemic.

May our Lord Jesus Christ protect His people and bring healing to all

Your servants.
Arch Botros Bortos
Fr. Michael Fanous
Fr. Bishoy Kamel