Public User: Pray for God to take away jealousy and anger and restore our relationship with my partner.
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pratheep kumar: Pray for me to get a good PhD position soon,to finish my current degree successfully on time,to overcome depression & problems i'm facing now,to be successful in my career and to dwell in peace with family.Please pray for Reunion of Monica Elizabeth with Joseph & Jancy Mary with Arokya Antony.Bellarmine Mary,Rita Hilary and Jaba malai to be healed from cancer.Chandramohan & Punitha Rani to be gifted with a heir.Peter,Zachariah,Jayachandran,Arokya Raj & all their families to live in peace without hardship.Thank you. By Pratheep Kumar
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Public User: For Sandra and James
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Fr. Moses Samaan: Please pray for our brethren in Egypt who are suffering from the political and sectarian violence.
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