Cancellation of services due to weather conditions Saturday 3/1/2014

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Cancellation of services due to weather conditions Saturday 3/1/2014

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Dear beloved of St. Marina
Peace and grace.
Again due to the unpredictable weather conditions and the alerts of more flash showers, we regrettably cancel the activities of Saturday night, boys and girls scouts, bible study and sunday school.

We will not cancel vespers

(raising of evening incense)

as this is an evening sacrifice that we offer to God.

I encourage all of you though to gather around the\livestream  OR
to participate remotely ONLY THIS TIME as we want all of you to be present to offer a sacrifice of peace to God.

Also there will be a short sermon in English and another in Arabic to substitute the missed services.

I urge all to pray to the safety of the church and people and to remember those have no shelter to protect them.

please circulate this email and pray for St. Marina Church Prosperity and the salvation of our congregation.
Happy Accepted Lent

On behalf the Clergy and servants.

Maran Atha
(The Lord is near)

Fr. Bishoy Kamel

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